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Adult Tennis Program

Adult Intermediate Clinic
Ongoing Drop-in

We cover forehand, backhand topspin open and closed stance, drills are designed for strategic and tactical play. Emphasis on transitional game volleys and serves (flat, kicker and mix) Each Saturday 8:45am-10am Clinic is on-going year round location : Hopkins st

May 4th cancelled wet

Cost: $240/6 Session Card/No refunds

6 session Card

Adult Beginners Class
Ongoing Drop-i

Designed for the complete beginner we cover proper grips , unit turn preparation and footworkforehand ,backhand as well as volleys and serve 11am-12noon ongoing each saturday

May 4th cancelled wet

Hopkins st

Cost: $200/6 Session Card/No Refunds

Adult Advanced Clinic

3.5 to 4.0 class is for Adult or Juniors as well We cover hitting with depth, strategy and match play 

Time &Location change

 Sunday 3pm-4:30!

Carlton Lead Coach!

Hopkins st

Cost: $240 /6 Session Card

Adult Advanced clinic

Private Tennis Lessons

Are the way to learn or improve your game quickly! choose what you wish to work on or let our coaching staff decide we can take your game to another level

1 hour: $100

Private Lesson 4 Session Card

(four one hour Lessons)

 No Refunds

4 Hours: $380

Private Lesson 10 Session Card

(ten one hour lessons)

 No Refunds

10 Hours: $900

Adult beg


Private Lesson Option

private lesson options

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